We Never Tamed Cats

Every cat owner knows that cats are still a little wild. That doesn’t mean they aren’t loyal or affectionate. Your cat considers themself a member of, and likely the leader of, your family. Your cat loves you. Science has shown that cats purr and blink at humans specifically and deliberately to say “I love you.” But you can still watch your cat wander around the house and see a little bit of the wildness in them. Especially when they hunt.

Spring Pests

Spring is when pests start finding their way back to your home and yard. There are a lot of bugs, rodents, and reptiles who are waking up as the weather gets warmer and looking for a cozy place to eat, drink, and make babies. Odds are, at least one of these pests is going to be a serious phobia for you. If only there was a reliable method for controlling these pests…

The Purr-minator

Cats are hunters. They don’t just want to be fed. They want to find their own food. And that makes them ideal exterminators. You might have had to deal with a cat giving you a dead rat or mouse as a present. Amusingly, that is both a bit of condescension and a thoughtful gift. Cats think of you as a big cat that is bad at hunting. They want to take care of you, even if they think you’re ridiculous. However, even when they aren’t bringing a dead rodent to your pillow, your cat is likely still hunting. The cockroaches, spiders, rodents, and bugs that want into your house are all prey for your cat. 

Farm Cat?

If you live in a rural area, a cat is almost a necessity. Dangerous snakes and spiders in particular tend to avoid houses that have lots of cats nearby. Even leaving a saucer out for wild cats makes your house so much safer. 

Keeping Your Cat Safe

Of course, your cat is more than just a furry exterminator you can pay in head scratches. It’s a member of your family. There is a reason people call cats “fur babies.” We love our pets. We don’t want them to be injured hunting a snake when there is perfectly good food inside. But don’t worry too much about it! In addition to being great hunters, cats are also pretty smart creatures. Standard pest control practices and proper pet care should keep your cat healthy, happy, and safe. Just be sure to keep an eye on your cat if you see it going after something. If your cat does bite off more than it can chew, you want to be able to get to the vet 

Keeping Your Cat Happy

If your cat has been doing a great job keeping the pests out of your house or has just been a great member of your family, you probably want to spoil them! Happy Pet Crate provides the best care packages for your feline companion. Get the toys and treats your cat loves all spring long with the Purfect Cat Gift Box!

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