Protecting Your Horse from Summer Weather 

As the summer heat intensifies, your animals will need more protection, especially horses. Taking care of your horse in the summer heat requires lots of water, shade, and more. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your horse protected from the summer heat. 

Top 10 Ways to Care for Your Horse 

1. Keep Your Horse Hydrated 

This is incredibly important during the summer months. Regularly provide your horse with cool water and keep water in a shaded area to make sure it remains cool. Warm water can cause the horse to stay dehydrated, so making sure the water is cool is the most important aspect. 

2. Provide Shade 

Making sure there is a shaded area your horse can hide in is extremely important in the harsh weather conditions that summer brings. Keep your horse cool by finding a shady spot nearby that is easy for them to get to and remains cool throughout the day. 

3. Ride in the Evenings or Early Mornings 

If you typically ride in the afternoon, switch your schedule to take your horse for a ride in the evening or early mornings when the sun is not out. In North America, the hottest times of day when the sun is shining the brightest is typically from 12 pm-3 pm. Be sure to look at the UV index on your weather app to check when an appropriate time to ride is. 

4. Get Out the Hose

To help your horse stay cool, get the hose out and regularly wash your horse with cool water. This can help lower their body temperature and keep them cool throughout the day. Make sure not to dry them once they have been thoroughly soaked, the water evaporating can help keep them cool for longer. 

5. Turn Your Horse Out at Night 

If you typically allow your horse to turn your horse out during the day, try switching to allowing them to turn out during the nighttime. Horses have excellent night vision, and flies are often clear during this time of day so this can help your horse stay comfortable. 

6. Find a Fan 

While your horse is inside the barn or stables, keep them cool with a large fan. Keeping this fan on them for a long period of time can help keep their body temperature low. Be sure to look for a fan that is large enough to keep air circulating and one that can be used efficiently in a barn. 

7. Take Your Horse’s Temperature Regularly

Some horses run hotter or cooler than others so recognizing when your horse is running too hot is important. The average temperature for an adult horse is between 97.5-101 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to take your horse’s temperature regularly throughout the summertime to make sure they aren’t getting too hot. 

8. Know the Signs of Heatstroke

Recognizing what heatstroke looks like in your horse is very important to make sure your horse stays safe in the summertime. Typical signs of heatstroke in a horse include muscle tremors, dark urine, elevated temperature, gum color is dark pink or purple, incoordination, profuse sweating, and more. Be sure to regularly research the possible signs for your horse breed could be. 

9. Keep an Eye Out 

During the summer, it is extremely important to stay observant and continuously watch your horse as frequently as you can. Paying attention to your horse and their behavior can help you recognize when they need to cool down or if they are in any danger of overheating. Checking their interactions with their surroundings gives a lot of clues as to what they are experiencing in the heat. 

10. Show How Much Your Care 

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