Happy National Puppy Day!

To celebrate the pups, and show how much we love them, here are 10 fun facts about puppies that will help you understand your pet!

1. All puppies are born both blind and deaf

They actually don’t get their sight or hearing until they are roughly 2 weeks old. Until they can open their eyes, they primarily rely on smell. 

2. Sleep is essential

Similar to human babies, puppies spend roughly 15-20 hours a day sleeping or napping!

3. The word puppy comes from the French word poupee

This word means doll or toy and the first English use of the word was found in the late 16th century. Before then, puppies were referred to as dog whelps.

4. Puppies don’t find human yawns to be contagious

Yawns are visually contagious, but before dogs turn roughly one year old, they don’t possess the ability to pick up the habit. 

5. Puppies actually like baby talk

They CAN understand us! The inflection of our voices and pitch change when we talk “baby talk” to puppies makes them happy and more likely to react.

6. Puppies can have identical twins

It’s unknown how common identical twins are in puppies, however they are possible and can often be discovered when vets perform c-sections. 

7. Lin- Manuel Miranda wrote a song in Hamilton for his puppy 

The popular Broadway musical elicited an incredible response, including the song “Dear Theodosia” which was written by Miranda for his newly rescued puppy his wife and him adopted shortly before. 

8. Looking at puppies can make you more productive 

The release of serotonin in the brain when viewing a puppy or kitten allows you to better control your focus and concentration. 

9. Different breeds have different sized litters 

Typically, larger breeds will have small litters of puppies and smaller breeds will have large litters of puppies. It can range anywhere from 1-12 pups. 

10. Puppies know what kisses are 

When you kiss and hug a puppy, they learn to associate kisses, hugs, and cuddles as positive affection and can even begin to crave the affection the same way we do. 

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