How To Keep Your House Pet Safe

Safety First We all love our pets and want them to be safe, but it can sometimes be difficult to keep your pet safe indoors. Puppies and kittens are especially vulnerable to getting into trouble from items in the house. Many pets can be vulnerable to safety hazards within the home. Keep your pets safe […]

National Rescue Dog Day

rescue dogs playing

All Dogs are Good Dogs Today is a special dog day! On National Rescue Dog Day, consider the benefits of rescuing a special dog. Not only does it help protect so many animals from harm, it also costs less and benefits you emotionally in the long run! If you already have a rescue dog, celebrate […]

10 Fun Facts About Puppies

puppy in dog bed

Happy National Puppy Day! To celebrate the pups, and show how much we love them, here are 10 fun facts about puppies that will help you understand your pet! 1. All puppies are born both blind and deaf They actually don’t get their sight or hearing until they are roughly 2 weeks old. Until they […]

Springtime Puppy Care

dog playing in grass

Spring Has Sprung The weather is finally getting warmer, and your puppy couldn’t be more excited. Warmer weather means new adventures for a dog. There are butterflies and squirrels to chase. The flowers in your bushes and garden are out and ready to be sniffed. Maybe you’ve even thought about firing up the grill, and […]