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We all love our pets and want them to be safe, but it can sometimes be difficult to keep your pet safe indoors. Puppies and kittens are especially vulnerable to getting into trouble from items in the house. Many pets can be vulnerable to safety hazards within the home. Keep your pets safe by keeping dangerous items such as electric sockets and wires, garbage, cleaning chemicals, and any other item animals can be sensitive to, covered, and blocked off at all times. Since National Pet Fire Safety Day is coming soon, we put together some safety tips for you to keep in mind.

12 Practical Ways to Keep Your House Pet Safe

Keeping animals safe within the home can be difficult. Most importantly, many solutions found on the internet can be impractical with people with smaller budgets or less free time to spend installing specialty items.

1. Know the Plan

In case of a fire, make sure everyone in the family or in the house knows the exit plan to stay safe. If possible, it’s important to assign someone to be in charge of each pet and carry them to safety. 

2. Get a Sign

Having a sign that states there is an animal or multiple animals in the home is extremely important and can inform emergency services that there are extra lives to be saved in case of a fire. These signs can be found online and should be posted somewhere visible on the front of your home. 

3. Cover the Garbage

There are so many harmful products people throw away on a daily basis such as food, chemicals, plastic items, and more. These items can be extremely harmful to curious pets so do them a favor and keep the garbage covered and regularly cleared out!

4. Research Safe Foods

Many human foods are not safe for animals to consume, despite popular belief. Be sure to do your research on what foods can negatively affect your breed of pet. Chocolate are grapes are commonly known as not safe for pets but other food items include onions, garlic, caffeine, and more.

5. Store Items High

If you don’t have time to completely “pet-proof” your home, avoid putting them in danger by storing items high where animals can not attain them. 

6. Check Small Spaces

Keep an eye out for small spaces such as behind the washing machine and behind drawers to make sure there are no items fallen behind such as strings and bug repellents that can harm your pet. 

7. Close the Toilet Lid

Drinking water from the toilet can be extremely harmful to animals because of the chemicals and bacteria that can be there. Keep your pet safe by keeping the lid closed!

8. Keep Cables Away

Electrical cords, charging cables, and any type of loose wires can be extremely dangerous for animals. Not only can these items start fires that put your pet in harm’s way, but if they are easily accessible they can be chewed on by your pet and cause electrocution. 

9. Regularly Clean Your Pets Toys

If your pet is known to take their toys anywhere and everywhere, it is important to keep these items clean. Each item should have a tag stating if it is washing machine and dishwasher safe. 

10. Know Your Plants

If you’re a plant parent as well as a pet parent, be sure to do your research on how your plants can affect your animals as many plants can be toxic. 

11. Pay Attention to Temperature

Extremely warm temperatures in the home can be very dangerous for any pets with long fur. Be mindful of heaters and their controls to ensure your animal. 

12. Hide Breakable or Chewable Items

Make sure you keep items that are valuable, easily destroyed, and sensitive items away from your pets. This can sometimes include some of your pet’s toys. To make sure they aren’t choking on anything, get the most durable toys featured in our Purfect Cat Gift Box and our Good Dog Gift Box.

Safe Treats and Toys

All pets are special and they need to be protected while inside the home. Keeping your pet safe can be extremely easy when they have the best items available. Help keep your pet safe and celebrate them with our Good Dog Gift Box and Purfect Cat Gift Box! Perfectly packed with health treats, durable toys, and necessities for both the animal and their owner, our crate is sure to remind you why your special pet deserves a special gift!

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