All Dogs are Good Dogs

Today is a special dog day! On National Rescue Dog Day, consider the benefits of rescuing a special dog. Not only does it help protect so many animals from harm, it also costs less and benefits you emotionally in the long run! If you already have a rescue dog, celebrate them today and show them how special they are with our Good Dog Gift Box

Here are 10 Reasons to Rescue and Adopt 

1. Save a Life

Over 1 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized each day due to overcrowding and lack of adoption. If you rescue, you can save an animal and potentially allow another animal to go to the shelter that is in need of it. 

2. Save some Money

Dogs who are rescued or adopted cost less than those who have been bred which allows you to save money so you can buy them even more treats! It also ensures you can afford to rescue one dog or even two dogs. 

3. Stop the Cycle

Rescuing animals also helps to break the cycle of animal abuse and violence that many animals face. Sometimes it is difficult for rescues to become familiar with other people after they have been abused. If you rescue a dog, you can help that dog be reintroduced into a loving environment. 

4. Avoid Puppy Mills

Rescuing or adopting a dog can help to fight the rising issue of puppy mills. Puppy mills are factory-style breeding facilities that put profit over animal welfare. The dogs can sometimes suffer from diseases, be victims of abuse, or be without companionship. These mills are much more common with bred dogs and rescuing a dog can ensure they don’t suffer as a result of their treatment. 

5. A Sense of Purpose

All dogs add a psychological boost of comfort to humans but caring for a pet can also add a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Owning a rescued dog can also add a sense of pride for their owners knowing they have helped save an animal from a terrible situation. 

6. Create Space

Rescuing or adopting can also help to save more than just the rescued. Since shelters often take a multitude of animals at once, when you adopt one animal you give room for another animal to be rescued and cared for, allowing them to earn the proper treatment and medical attention they deserve. 

7. No Waiting

Rescuing or adopting a dog also allows you to get a dog immediately. When buying from a breeder, it can take months for you to actually get your dog. When rescuing and adopting a dog, you can get your dog almost immediately. You can also interact with multiple dogs and get to know them so you can rescue the perfect dog for you.

8. Shelter Dogs are Smart

Rescued dogs are often more mature as well. While they may still require some training, most rescue dogs are already somewhat trained and familiar with commands. They are also more likely to be comfortable around other animals and most people. 

9. Breed Varieties

There is also a wide variety of dog breeds and mixed breeds available at shelters. If you are looking for a specific type of dog or specific breed, your chances of finding a rescue dog of that type is extremely high. If you’re not particular, look into mixed breeds! 

10. Loyalty

You have a lifelong companion who is more likely to want to follow your lead. Studies show that dogs who are rescued are more attached and more likely to want to interact with their owners. Most dogs understand the concept of affection and just as you become attached to them, they will become attached to you. 

All dogs are special dogs, but rescued dogs are incredibly special.

Every animal deserves the chance to live with people who love them unconditionally. On National Rescue Dog Day, consider the advantages of adopting a rescued dog. If you already have a rescue, celebrate them with our Good Dog Gift Box! Perfectly packed with treats, toys, and necessities for both the animal and their owner, our crate is sure to remind you why your special dog deserves a special gift!

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