Spring Has Sprung

The weather is finally getting warmer, and your puppy couldn’t be more excited. Warmer weather means new adventures for a dog. There are butterflies and squirrels to chase. The flowers in your bushes and garden are out and ready to be sniffed. Maybe you’ve even thought about firing up the grill, and your furry best friend has eagerly awaited his piece of meat. But every good owner knows, new adventures mean new opportunities to get into mischief.

Eating Grass

It’s perfectly normal to find your puppy eating grass at the start of spring. Dogs are both incredibly curious and have incredibly poor object permanence. It’s likely a newly green lawn might get some inspectory nips. As a pet owner, it’s easy to get concerned if you see your dog eating grass. Dogs eat grass to help themselves throw up, after all. If your dog is constantly trying to make themself throw up, it is probably in your best interest to take them to the vet. Don’t automatically freak out though. If it hasn’t been going on very long, there is a decent chance it is something minor. 

Animal Companions

Spring is also when a lot of other animals start to come out and play. Some of these are a joy to see out and about. A rabbit nibbling on your dandelions, or butterflies and hummingbirds flitting around your garden can make you feel like you’ve stepped into a fairy tale. However, more animals out can mean more ways for your pet to get into trouble. Squirrels and birds are going to get chased and barked at. But if you live in an area with dangerous or smelly animals, you might need to start taking precautions to keep them safe and clean. No one wants their puppy to wind up on the wrong end of a bee sting or worse, a stink bug attack. 


The weather getting warmer isn’t just a time for caution though. There is also an opportunity for you and your fur baby to spend a little more quality time together. Dogs love getting to go outside and run. Why not take advantage of the weather to go run with them? Even if you wind up getting tired much sooner than your dog, the fresh air and sights of springtime will do wonders for your soul. And what is spring for if not rejuvenating and enjoying a little wellness?

Play Packages

Taking care of your pet shouldn’t feel like a chore. Your dog is more than just a pet. They’re your best friend. Playing with them should be fun for you both. Happy Pet Crate’s Good Dog Gift Box gets you all of the best toys and treats for your precious puppy. You can enjoy the beauty of springtime and set your little sweetheart’s tail to wagging right away!

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